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Riverside Puppies takes pride in raising healthy and well socialized puppies.  All of our pets are registered and in perfect health. We are located in the Ozark Hills, overlooking the Gasconade River. Our adult dogs are not just breeding animals, they are cherished pets and have access to a large play area throughout the day.  We have 250 acres of rolling hills; lots of room for family and pets. Our horses and cattle graze on green grass, with plenty of room to run.

We adore our puppies and give them the best of care, and lots of love. The puppies are raised in our home along with our family. Socialization is a top priority at Riverside.  The puppies are vaccinated at 5 and 7 weeks of age and wormed at 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Dew claws are removed at the first vet check; 3-5 days old. Tails are left natural.  We begin the house training process at 5 weeks of age; letting the puppies become familiar with their crates at 7 weeks of age. This helps the house training process go much faster when the puppies arrive at their new homes.  We also send detailed potty training information with each puppy.

The price of each puppy (located on the "adoption" page) includes a micro-chip, neuter or spay, registration papers, veterinarian exams, vaccinations, puppy pack, and a certificate of health. The puppy pack will include all the necessary information for your first veterinarian visit and microchip registration; if the puppy is shipped the packet will arrive prior to shipment.

Puppies can be picked up at our home and we offer shipping. Air shipping within the United States is an additional $350. This includes the flight, travel crate and additional paperwork. Our pet service will fly to most major airports, depending on weather conditions.   We also provide Nanny Service, when possible; cost on individual basis. 


Why we breed Poos & Hybrids:
Doodle's and Poo's are the hybrid cross between any purebred with a registered poodle of either standard, miniature or toy size. These crosses produce puppies that pull the best genetics from both breeds and a "hybrid vigor" that allows them to grow healthier and live longer. While many purebreds may be prone to genetic diseases inherent to that breed, the only genetic diseases the hybrids can be prone to, are those shared by both parents. Poodles are very low to non-shedding, and this trait carries over in the cross, making these dogs very nice for those with allergies and or a desire to have little to no dog hair in the house or on themselves. The puppies can look like either parent, but generally fall somewhere in-between. Doodle's and Poo's are extremely popular and make exceptional pets.  We also have a Bichon mix, which produces
similar traits with slightly different markings.

If you would like to see more pictures of our puppies please go to the home page and select the breed you are interested in. I love to show off my little sweeties. If you are interested in a future puppy, that is not quite here, you can be placed on our waiting list. Please contact
us for information about our waiting list.




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Rebecca Posten
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 Christmas at Riverside:
Cavapoo Puppy    Cavapoo Puppy    Cavapoo Puppy