Puppy Waiting List Commitment: 
Puppy Ownership is a life/long term commitment to a k9 family member.  A precious puppy will give you endless hours of companionship and devotion; loving you unconditionally. However, please consider the responsibility of pet ownership.

Be kind, thoughtful, consistent and patient. Your new puppy will make mistakes. Puppies need your Love, Respect and Guidance. Show them the attention and love they deserve; they will reward you with a life time of cherished, sweet moments and memories (for you and your family).

 Please be prepared and think this through before making your commitment.

 __ Family is in Agreement

 __ Landlord or Home Owner is notified (if necessary)

 __ Financial Obligations are considered

 __ Time Obligations for Training are considered

Your puppy will be checked by my veterinarian at least three times before leaving our home.  My veterinarian will issue a State of Missouri health certificate, prior to the puppy leaving our home.  Your puppy will be up to date on all vaccinations and deworming.  A complete set of health records will be given to you.  Please take the puppy and the health records to your veterinarian within 3 days of the puppy’s arrival.  Your puppy is guaranteed for one year against life threatening genetic illnesses. Your puppy will come with a 3 generation pedigree, micro-chipped and spay/neutered before leaving our home.  

Lifetime Return Policy:
If for any reason you cannot keep your Puppy, we will accept the return of the puppy.  No refund will be given. 

Signature: ____________________________________ Date________

Print Full Name: ____________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

Phone Number:____________________________________________

Preferred Email Address:____________________________________

Breed: Cavapoo/ Cavachon/ Maltipoo  (circle one)

Preferred Color
:__________  Male/Female:____

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